16 hub interface ,32-group data


g616  receiving card is integrated with 16 hub-75e interfaces, supporting 32 groups of rgb data. it is recommended to carry 128*1024 pixels.






stable hardware structure


g616 is consisted of high-quality components, supporting power protection, upgrading protection to ensure the high quality of hardware.

moreover, g616 is subject to severe high and low temperature resistance test and static electricity test before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that the product is in the most stable state.





color rendition technology


g616 supports kystar retina color rendition (krcr) technology to solve difficult problem of the imprecise color expression on led screen.





arbitrary frequency multiplying technology


g616 supports arbitrary frequency multiplying technology, which can adjust the frequency multiplying to fit the working frequency of the camera and effectively eliminate the scanning line.




accurate gray display


g616 receiving card has precise gray control ability, which can realize the effect of low brightness and high gray.





pixel by pixel calibration


g616 supports point by point calibration technology, which can calibrate the brightness and chroma difference between each pixel.





wizard settings


kystar control system software supports wizard settings. and the software can simplifying the complex steps, making control system configuration easier and faster.





easy recovery


g616 receiving card supports easy recovery function. if one receiving card in the display system is damaged, the display system will easily recover by replacing the receiving card and then clicking the resending button on the software.






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