6 network ports, with a single network port carrying 650000 pixels

the single machine has 6 network ports, with a single network port carrying 650000 pixels. the maximum carrying capacity of the entire machine is 3.9 million pixels, with a width of up to 8000 pixels and a height of up to 4000 pixels.

supports multiple digital signal interfaces

supports multiple digital signal interfaces, including 2-way hdmi1.3 and 2-way dvi-d input sources.

3 screen arbitrary layout

supports 3-screen display, with arbitrary layout of screen positions.

input signal hot backup

any signal source can be designated as the backup of the current signal,when the signal fails, the backup signal is automatically switched seamlessly.



fade in seamless special effects switching

whether it is the switching of a single signal or the switching of the entire scene template, ksv6 can achieve a seamless transition of fading in and out, and there will be no black screen, flicker, delay, and other phenomena during the switching process.

kystar hdr enhancement

kls6 supports kystar hdr enhancement (k-hdr) technology, which can perform real-time dynamic optimization according to the image content, widen the dynamic range of the image, enable ordinary sdr images to obtain hdr display effects, and solve the less painful points of hdr video sources in the industry. bring a stunning visual experience.



hardware screen adjustment without computer


the cabinet file information can be pre-stored. when the user assembles and debugs the cabinet on site, he only needs to navigate through the navigation menu to quickly complete the display connection and debugging according to the guidance.



configuration readback and retransmission


has a convenient offline data recovery function. using the read-back configuration function, the user can quickly read the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the controller. using the configuration resending function, when the user replaces the receiving card, the user can resend the configuration with one click to complete the system repair without reconfiguring the parameters.

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