kystar hdr enhancement image enhancement

ls16 supports kystar hdr enhancement (k-hdr) technology, which can perform real-time dynamic optimization according to the image content, widen the dynamic range of the image, enable ordinary sdr images to obtain hdr display effects, and solve the less painful points of hdr video sources in the industry. bring a stunning visual experience.



sixteen network port two in one

9.6 million pixel stitching output
the ls16 is equipped with 16 network port outputs, supporting a maximum of 9.6 million pixel loading, a maximum width of 16000 pixels, and a maximum of 8000 pixels.
the led display can be driven directly without an external sending controller.



8 digital signal inputs

the ls16 supports a total of 8 digital signal inputs: dp×2, dvi×2, hdmi×3, sdi*1, and one of the dp signals supports 4k×2k@60hz or 8k×1k@60hz ultra high definition resolution.



eight-screen arbitrary layout

ls16 allows up to 8 signal screens to be displayed. all input signals can be simultaneously on-screen.



special effects

chroma key cutout and transparency adjustment
all layers of ls16 can realize chroma key cutout function, and support any transparency adjustment to realize various creative displays.



input preview and output monitoring

complete input and output monitoring on one display
connected to the monitor through the dvi-monitor output port, you can preview all input signals and monitor the output signal screen at the same time.



multi-machine cascade to complete large loading

frame synchronization technology realizes infinite cascade
ls16 supports frame synchronization technology, which can be cascaded through dp-loop interface to achieve seamless splicing of large screens.



input signal hot backup

designated backup signal seamless switching
ls16 can designate any signal as the backup of the current signal. when the signal fails, the backup signal automatically switches seamlessly.



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