four-channel video signal input


kls4 supports four-channel hd video signal input, including dvi×2, hdmi×2,and support one audio input.




four ethernet ports with 2.6 million pixels


ksv4 integrates four road network ports, and the output supports 2.6 million pixels at most, 4096 pixels at most and 4096 pixels at most. four ports can transmit audio signals synchronously.






seamless switching with fade-in and fade-out

kls4  supports fade-in and fade-out signal switching, without blank screen during the process.



date-read-back and easy recovery


with the data-read-back function, users can quickly get the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the controller.

with the easy recovery function, when the user changes the receiving card, kls4 can resend the configuration which stored in the device , so as to complete the system recovery without reconfiguring the parameters.




configure screen without computer


kls4 can store the project file information in advance. users can complete the cabinet mapping of the led screen according to the guidance through the navigation menu without a computer.



kystar hdr enhancement image enhancement

ls16pro supports kystar hdr enhancement (k-hdr) technology, which can perform real-time dynamic optimization according to the image content, widen the dynamic range of the image, enable ordinary sdr images to obtain hdr display effects, and solve the less painful points of hdr video sources in the industry. bring a stunning visual experience.



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