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2020 shenzhen isle exhibition | kystar is in full bloom!-开元ky7818老版本

2020-09-04 1302
on august 31, 2020, 2020 international large screen display technology and application exhibition (isle 2020) was grandly opened in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center! kystar technology made a wonderful appearance in this exhibition to exchange the latest industry development trends with friends in the industry and share professional platform knowledge.

in this exhibition, kommander launched the "high security broadcast control solution for large-scale events", which received high attention, and many customers stopped to watch.

high security broadcast control solution for large-scale events

(kir intelligent fault detection) (software and hardware integrated control)

the world's first video broadcast console integrates the multimedia server and video console in depth, increases the control of external signal input source and multi-channel splicing output while controlling the local media editing and broadcasting, and realizes the high security broadcast control of the whole system through kfs frame synchronization main and standby and kir intelligent monitoring technology.

in addition, kystar's "8k 60hz lossless format player", "16k super large screen point-to-point display solution" and "creative display solution" were able to meet you at this exhibition. the products and solutions created by kystar have attracted many customers to exchange and discuss.

8k 60hz lossless format player

the industry's first lossless and uncompressed format player supporting 8k 60hz ensures the best display effect. it supports bmp, tiff, tga and other lossless and uncompressed format files, which is easy to use. single machine maximum support 8192x4320@60hz , support multi machine frame synchronous cascade, easy to operate.


16k super large screen point-to-point display solution (kfs multi server online frame synchronization)

"16k super large screen point-to-point display solution" is suitable for exhibition halls, big data centers and other scenes. since its launch, it has been favored by the market. among them, kfs (kystar frame synchronization) frame synchronization technology can ensure that each server is at the same working frequency, ensure complete synchronization of output images, and avoid picture splicing and tearing. kommander f2 supports cascade expansion of multiple devices and completes 8k × n control of super resolution display screen. when cascading, all devices are in linkage state, and users can complete the control of the whole device group through one client, saving time and convenience.


creative display solution (kim technology, 10 minute ball screen) (pixel arbitrary mapping technology)

more and more creative display screens have appeared in the application scenarios such as bars, ktvs, large-scale performances and exhibition halls. in order to meet the market demand, kystar has launched high-quality creative display solutions, output segmentation and reorganization, visual simulation design, and easily solve the configuration and display problems of various creative screens.

at the same time, "4k business display conference screen solution" and "cloud service cluster management solution" brightened people's eyes and left a deep impression on customers. "4k business display conference screen solution" support 4k@60hz input resolution, simple system structure, multiple display modes, signal source switching, volume / brightness adjustment, on-off and other functions can realize remote control, which is convenient and efficient.


cloud service cluster management solution (kares integrated software management platform)

kares publishing system has a perfect cross platform solution, which effectively solves the problem of unified management and control when the display terminals are widely distributed and scattered. especially suitable for large-scale and super large-scale networking, it is widely used in many fields such as media, finance, communication, transportation, hotels, government and enterprises, catering and so on.

kystar set up an experience area at the exhibition site, and many customers competed to experience it.

the engineers patiently explained to the audience and actively answered the audience's questions. their professional answers and enthusiastic service were highly praised by everyone.

vision leading, not just yu da! kystar will make continuous efforts in the future development path and create more value for our partners with high-quality products and professional services.