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16k super large screen point-开元ky7818老版本

2020-09-23 1282

what is frame synchronization?

multiple picture frames play continuously to form a video, and each video is an independent individual when playing.

frame synchronization refers to the synchronization of two independent video pictures at the frame level.



function of frame synchronization

frame synchronization is mainly used to solve the problem that two independent players are not synchronized, so that the picture content can be played smoothly and coherently, and the flicker and jump of all pictures are consistent.

the video playing pictures between the two servers are completely synchronized without any sense of picture tearing and dislocation.


application scenario of frame synchronization

frame synchronization is mainly used in point-to-point display scenes of multi machine cascade with large screen, such as exhibition hall, big data center, etc.


product analysis

kommander cloud control assistant

kommander cloud control assistant can be used to control f2 playback software and connect to the main server to control the frame synchronization system.

· the plan can be called for source switching

· material can be dragged and displayed directly on the screen

· the size and position of the picture can be adjusted in real time

· it can control the use of multiple servers

kommander f2 server

the master-slave scheme can cascade multiple servers for frame synchronous display, and there is no picture tearing and playback asynchrony.

the display of the whole scheme can be completed only by operating the main end.

with kommander cloud control assistant, the operation is simpler and more convenient.

ks9800 multi picture splicing processor

ks9800 unique patented technology

-- the intelligent error correction frame synchronization system can effectively guarantee the master-slave server frame synchronization.

dp1. 2 standard display, true 4k@60hz perfect display.

board structure, strong scheme customization adaptability.

redundant power supply configuration to improve system security.


s16 independent master

multiple s16 controllers use backup mode to guarantee the online solution of frame synchronization.

unique arbitrary frequency doubling technology, no scanning line for mobile phone shooting;

unique color restoration technology makes the skin color of human face more real.


product advantages

·the system has clear structure, industrial standard and high stability

·passed 3c, ce, fcc and rohs product inspection certification

·passed iso9001, 14001 and 18001 management system certification

·pass the inspection of the ministry of public security, provide the function certification report and affix the official seal

·the single machine can display different signal pictures independently on all screens

·the single machine realizes the integration of all screens and displays one point-to-point picture

·mobile terminal unlimited control scene switching

·8k material point-to-point display


program features

n * 4 * 4k splicing output

the interface of the software operation interface is independent, and the single machine 4 * 4k automatic splicing and fusion output; multi machine cascade can output n * 4 * 4k synchronously.


multi machine cascade expansion

kommander f2 supports cascade expansion of multiple devices and completes 8k × n control of super resolution display screen. when cascading, all devices are in linkage state, and the user can complete the control of the whole device group through one client.


kfs frame synchronization technology

kommander f2 supports kfs (kystar frame synchronization) frame synchronization technology, which can ensure that each server is at the same working frequency and the output images are fully synchronized to avoid picture splicing and tearing.


multiple control modes

users can choose to use the keyboard, mouse or external touch screen for local control, or connect kommander f2 to the central control system, or remotely and wirelessly control it through mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones or tablets.


efficient plan switching

after the master clicks the plan switch, the slave will switch the screen synchronously. multi plan one key switching, convenient and efficient.