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creative display solutions!-开元ky7818老版本

2020-09-23 1288

"your type i show"

how big the brain hole is, how beautiful the horizon is

since the development of led, the conventional screen has been unable to meet the market demand. there are more and more unique and creative display screens in bars, ktv, large-scale performances, exhibition halls and other application scenarios. in such an environment, cassida has launched high-quality creative display solutions to easily solve the problem of configuration and display of various creative screens.

scheme topology


program features

kommander  broadcast control system:

1. output segmentation and reorganization: lift the rectangular output limit of the graphics card to make the connection of the display easier.


2. visual simulation design: according to the screen layout, the canvas layout can be seen.

control system:

1. point by point optimization processing, point tracing optimization for heterosexual light board, and special-shaped playback of conventional materials.


2. intelligent screen configuration, visual splicing of complex display screen.


3. regional color deviation correction, adjust rgb coefficient to eliminate the brightness difference between multi batch screens.


4. unique color restoration and arbitrary frequency doubling technology ensure high-quality display effect.