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cassida won the "2019-开元ky7818老版本

2020-12-11 1315

from december 4 to 5, the 17th national led industry development and technology and 2020 national led display application technology exchange and industrial development seminar was held in nanchang. the theme of this conference was "seeking the future - led industry innovation and development in the new environment". as a member of the association, cassida participated in the meeting together with well-known academicians, government leaders, industrial alliances, association experts and leaders, this paper makes an extensive and in-depth discussion on the hot issues such as the direction and trend of industrial development in the post epidemic era and in the new international environment.



on the morning of december 4, the conference held the 9th "annual selection of china's led industry (2019-2020)" award ceremony to commend domestic led well-known brands, leading display technologies and products in 2019-2020. kastar's "multi server frame synchronization technology (kfs)" won the annual innovation technology award.


yang xudong, deputy director of the electronic information department of the ministry of industry and information technology, wang lin, secretary general of china optical and optoelectronic industry association, guan jizhen, vice president of china optical and optoelectronic industry association and chairman of the led display application branch of china optical association, as well as nearly 300 domestic experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the award ceremony.



kystar kfs (kystar frame synchronization) multi server frame synchronization technology is the first in the industry to solve the problem of non synchronization of multiple independent players, ensure that each server is at the same working frequency, ensure complete synchronization of output images, and effectively solve the point-to-point display of 16k super resolution. with the development of 8k, simulation, immersive experience, internet of things and other technologies, exhibition display system solutions will become a general trend, and multi server frame synchronization technology will play an irreplaceable role.



as a professional provider and operator of integrated solutions for ultra-high definition video display and control, cassida is committed to the technological innovation of professional video processing chips and integrated display and control management platform. this commendation is an affirmation of cassida's technological innovation. cassida will make further efforts to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of china's led industry, make another success in the field of ultra-high definition display and control innovation.