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kystar kommander f2 multimedia server won the-开元ky7818老版本

2021-05-17 1311

in order to promote the development of industry technology and mobilize the enthusiasm of the industry, on may 11, isle organizing committee held the second exhibition and display product evaluation activity of 2021 isle (international intelligent display and system integration exhibition, international logo and smart space application exhibition) in hall 12 of shenzhen international convention and exhibition center. the purpose of this evaluation activity is to select high, fine and sharp led display products.



with its powerful features and superior product quality, kystar kommander f2 multimedia server stands out among many participating products and won the "isle 2021 display excellent product award". huang kanghua, deputy general manager of beijing kaishida technology co., ltd., took the stage to receive the award.



kommander f2's powerful functions, ultra-high stability and unique rendering core technology are applicable to a variety of scenes, making the operation easier.


kommander f2 


super resolution to solve the problem of super large screen

kommander f2 solves the problem of large screen. the single machine is equipped with 4 channels of dp output as standard, and the resolution of each channel is up to 4k × 2k@60hz , it can achieve resolution output of up to 33 million pixels, up to 16000 pixels and up to 16000 pixels.


output segmentation and reorganization technology to solve the problem of multi screen centralized control

kommander f2 can cut and reorganize the output ports arbitrarily, so that the screen shape driven by each output port is not limited by the rectangular output of the output port, and makes the connection of display screens with complex shapes simple.



special effect processing to solve the problem of creative display broadcast control

kommander f2 can perform a series of special effects on materials. it not only supports basic layer operations, such as layer superposition, changing layer transparency, picture rotation, adding subtitles, etc; moreover, it also has more than 20 kinds of vj special effects to help users complete the creative display.


kommander f2  multimedia server classic case:

16k display


immersive display


multi screen centralized control


as a professional provider and operator of integrated solutions for ultra-high definition video display and control, cassida is committed to the technical innovation of professional video processing chips and integrated display and control management platform. this product award is an affirmation of cassida's technical products. cassida will make further efforts to promote the development of industry technology and make further achievements in the field of ultra-high definition display and control innovation.