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i have a "birthday party" with june!-开元ky7818老版本

2021-06-15 1473


at the beginning of midsummer, cicadas chirp.

look at the horizon and enjoy the tranquility of flowers.

ushered in a warm june,

the warmth of cassida's birthday party also came as promised.


elaborate layout, warm and beautifu

elaborate venue layout


delicious cake


a dazzling array of delicious food


exquisite birthday red envelopes and greeting cards


the june birthday party will be held in beijing, shenzhen and changsha at the same time, bringing blessings and surprises to the children who celebrate their birthday this month. the beautifully decorated scene, a wide range of delicious food and carefully selected gifts are ready to bring you into the ocean of joy at any time.


share food and happiness

walk together and be grateful. with the company's good wishes and deep love for the birthday stars, along with the birthday song, we blow out the candles, make wishes, share delicious food, and freeze and remember this unforgettable birthday party!

dynamic games, constant surprises


interactive games were also organized at the birthday party, and the atmosphere continued to heat up, full of laughter and laughter; as one game after another goes on, everyone is relaxed and happy, pushing the atmosphere of the birthday party to a climax.

there is laughter, surprise and harvest a birthday party brings us not only a party, but also an important bridge to build a harmonious and united family. every wonderful moment is enough to be deeply remembered!

2021 ushered in the centennial birthday of the communist party of china and the first decade of cassida. i wish the motherland prosperity, and i also wish kaishida always full of passion to sail to the sea of stars at a new starting point and at a new speed!