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2022-04-18 1701
spring afternoon

the sunshine is beautiful

it's better to have you here than a ten mile spring breeze

kasida regularly holds tea parties with different themes

create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for everyone

restart every day with full vitality

pause the pace of running in the fast-paced work

share delicious food with colleagues

laugh sometimes

sometimes sing a song

spend a happy time together

gratitude for the happiness brought by enterprise welfare

activity site



in addition to food

and fun games

colleagues who used to be serious and rigorous in their work

relax and actively participate

enjoy our afternoon

the atmosphere of happiness permeates everywhere


when the game is in progress

happiness comes too suddenly, and i can't help it.


come on, i'll try to guess.


each "radish" has a unique name.


the little sister joined forces to win the championship.


award winning colleague


those who performed well in the activity won exquisite prizes.



after busy work

a relaxing and pleasant tea party is particularly meaningful

countless shining moments are engraved in our memory

become an unforgettable memory

let the busy life have a comfortable rest

spend a good afternoon together

live up to the spring, live up to yourself.