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[heteromorphic screen solution] create an extraordinary "visual" outlook with extreme creativity!-开元ky7818老版本

2022-05-19 1600

with its novel shape and strong visual impact effect, the special-shaped screen brings a very shocking experience. while satisfying the designers' creative inspiration, it also brings the audience extraordinary visual enjoyment.

keystar launched high-quality creative display solutions to easily solve the configuration and display problems of various special-shaped screens.

please check the wonderful cases of special-shaped screen!

(the following are in no particular order)


01 exhibition hall of a science and technology museum in wuhan

the project is a hanging spherical screen with a diameter of 6m. it uses different sizes of special-shaped modules as a whole. the screen is connected in a creative way to show complex structures. the video is played in all directions. there is no problem of plane view angle, and excellent visual effects can be felt from any angle.

screen point spacing: p5

equipment used: f2, kbs1800, r12



02 chongli ice and snow museum, zhangjiakou, hebei

chongli overseas chinese ice and snow museum is the first museum themed with ice and snow and the winter olympics in china. the project consists of three screens, which are controlled by sv16 and ksv4; sv16 can designate any signal as the backup of the current signal. when the signal fails, the backup signal will automatically switch seamlessly.

equipment used: sv16 * 2, ksv4



03 exhibition hall of a building

zhongyi smart building is a new intelligent office building integrating advanced office facilities, intelligent product display, leading technology research and development center, etc. the project uses the kommander f2 server. through the kapollo cloud central control system switching plan, the mobile device pad realizes the control of third-party devices such as the light console, and presents the customized materials perfectly.

equipment used: f2, kapollo cloud central control



04 datang network exhibition hall in jinan, shandong province

the whole set of special-shaped screens in this project has three faces, each of which is rotated 180 degrees, showing an inverted triangle. break the limitation, be new and unique.

equipment used: s16, r12 * 120



05 exhibition hall of xiguanting village, weifang, shandong province

the project includes an arc giant screen on the front, seven long vertical screens, a spherical screen, a sand table three side large screen, a 4k resolution large screen, and a round screen at the entrance for docking with the lcd touch screen. various shapes of screens present different effects, giving a strong shock effect.

operating equipment: sv4pro, s4 * 42, g616d * 517, g612c * 466



06 science and technology museum of jiangxi ruijin culture and art center

ruijin culture and art center is an important cultural and art exhibition, activity base, leisure and entertainment base and a landmark building of ruijin city. the cylindrical horn screen of the science and technology museum uses horn shaped special-shaped plates to create a three-dimensional, vivid and dreamy underwater world.

screen point spacing: p3

screen resolution: 2100 * 2100

equipment used: ks920plus, s2 * 4, r12 * 86



07 henan provincial national supercomputing zhengzhou center exhibition hall project

zhengzhou national supercomputing center is the seventh national supercomputing center in china and the first national major scientific research infrastructure in henan province. the special-shaped part of the project is the funnel screen shown in the above figure, which uses multiple devices of keystar to drive the screen. among them, kbs1800 is a special master control for spherical screen, supporting the application of led spherical screen, ring screen, horn screen, etc.

equipment used: f2, ks9000, s16, kbs1800, r12, h7s



08 xianyang wanda mall, xi'an, shaanxi

the project is a group of column and tree shaped screens, which are displayed by splicing 12 strip screens, integrating sound, shadow, light and electricity, and interweaving seamlessly. it is diversified and stereoscopic by high-tech means. in addition to the three-dimensional and diversified pictures, the shape and appearance are also pleasing to the eye.

operating equipment: kp4h, g612 * 30



09 outer center of a mall square in hainan

the project is a whole double-sided soft screen. the screen is debugged in the way of round cake point mapping. the whole screen is played in a loop, and the double-sided screen is played synchronously and the images are displayed uniformly.

equipment used: sv8pro


more exciting cases